Parent Fees Made Simple!

  • Parent Fee Management
  • Accurate Meal Claiming
  • FCC Network Management


  • Improve overall fiscal and program performance.
  • Provide a system of checks and balances.
  • Ensure that all fees and subsidy reimbursements are accounted for.

Mult-Site Centers

  • Access fees collected, child & parent information and attendance/meal records by site.
  • Track consolidated revenue to ensure fiscal performance.

Family Child Care

  • Stay on top of parent fees and get paid faster and more efficiently.
  • Automatically remind parents of child physicals and dental exams due, subsidy recertification dates and past due fees!

FCC Networks

  • Reduce time managing the FCC stipend payroll.
  • Access state of the art parent fee processes.
  • Stay ahead of child physicals, parent DOE recertification dates and provider license and physicals due.
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About SofCare

For over 20 years, SofCare has been helping child care agencies improve fiscal the following...

Parent Fee Management
Email invoices to parents. Link your account to SofCare for e-payments.
CACFP Management
Timely and accurate monthly claims, menus and food production reports.
Parent Communication
Email notices to parents to address physical due dates, past due fees and more.
FCC Networks
More streamlined and efficient overall processes, including stipend processing.

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